Studio Update

A recent house portrait for a friend, I can do yours too.


Studio Update.

My Truck is for sale here! It has been featured in Loydd Kahns new book Tiny Homes on the Move, I strongly recommend the book Home Work aswell, it was my original inspiration for the build.
I also currently have paintings for sale at the Hampstead Affordable Art Fair with huge thanks to Tim and Jacqueline from The Hybrid Gallery in Honiton.
I've been busy growing vegetables recently so have lacked time to paint, here are some house doodles to make up for it.
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Subterranean Breakfast Nook.

I don't know if I've ever posted this video before but it's so good it doesn't really matter...

Fortrait #4 "Subterranean Breakfast Nook" from Encyclopedia Pictura on Vimeo.

Studio Update.

Two new landscapes.
Brick Barn:
Chimney 3:


Studio update

I haven't updated my blog for a while because I've been using Instagram to post studio updates as it's so quick and easy. You can find me on Instagram here. Follow me on your futuristic telephone if you have one. But don't panic Anti-Instagrammers! I will still be updating this blog.  
Here are a few sketches of print ideas I've been playing with...
And my seagull in it's new R.Mason box.


Imaginary Friends...

...Hanging in the Hybrid Gallery in Honiton from March 8th:
The Fridge Forager.
 The Jumble Saler.
 The New Romantic Gardener.
 The Smallholder.
 The Sunday Lady.